Monday, October 22, 2007

Offend Atheists 101: Simply Recommend Church

Colorado School District Sued for Listing Religious Activities as One of ‘40 Developmental Assets’

This Week’s Top Scrooge - October 19, 2007


It’s funny how your conscience works. For example, your friend could say to you, “Maybe you should go to the gym.” The next thing you do is say, “Why are you calling me fat?”

You don’t say, “Thanks for the recommendation!” Instead, you go to a therapist and tell them you feel offended and alienated. You say you are thinking about filing a lawsuit against your friend because you don’t believe in exercise and yet he or she violated your right to believe in a no-exercise lifestyle.

“How dare they recommend something that may possibly be good for me!”

Such is the case with an atheist family in Colorado who is suing the Cherry Creek School District. Only it’s not about the district recommending excercise, it’s about suggesting as one of 40 ways to help students be successful that they spend “one or more hours per week in activities in a religious institution.”

Funny how our conscious works.

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