Wednesday, November 7, 2007

2,000-plus Scrooges Nix Nativity Scene at Berkley City Hall

By a 55 to 45 percent margin, residents voted no on allowing a nativity scene to return to the lawn outside their City Hall Tuesday.

Nativity Scene in Berkley, Michigan

Church and State

They just wanted to take our nativity away. - Georgia Halloran

This from FOX News:

Voters in Berkley, Mich., turned down an amendment to the city charter on Tuesday that would have allowed a nativity scene to return to the lawn outside their City Hall.

The charter amendment failed by a 55 to 45 percent margin with 4,136 votes cast in total, according to unofficial results from the city clerk’s office.

Some residents of the town of more than 15,000 were outraged that the city and a local clergy association cut a deal with the American Civil Liberties Union to move a crèche, which had been displayed on public property for about 25 years, away from government grounds and onto a patch of grass outside a church.

The display spent its first Christmas at its new location last year, but those who want to return the nativity scene to public property petitioned to get the measure on Tuesday’s general election ballot.

"They didn't try to resolve it; they just wanted to take our nativity away," said Georgia Halloran, 62, who has led the drive to return the crèche to its former location. "People are very upset that the ACLU came in and told us to get rid of our nativity and the city capitulated to them."

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