Thursday, March 20, 2008

America Gone Wild

As Ashley Dupre continues to wait for the dust to settle from her paid sexual liason with ex-NY Governor Eliot Spitzer via the Emperor's Club, there's only one question: How much will America pay her? Ashley Alexander Dupre

UPDATE: Video of Ashley's 2003 "Girls Gone Wild" encounter is now overflowing the pockets of the fresh out of prison, GGW founder Joe Francis. Ashley graces the porn site version of the video company on its homepage and subscription page...cost: $29.86 for one month.


Some guess that Ashley Dupre made $100,000 a month selling her body to high-paying clientele, including the now-resigned governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer. Reports include that her going rate was $1,000-per-hour.

However, that's chump change compared to what's being offered her now and probably in the near future as the result of her part in bringing down Spitzer and the pimping Emperor's Club.

Porn publishers at Penthouse magazine say they would "love to have her in the magazine" and would consider offering her a cover shot. Before Dupre's MySpace page was deleted Thursday, it had received 4,612,397 views and her song "What We Want" touted 711,334 plays, according to Reuters. Fox News reports that a million people have paid as much as $.98 apiece to download her song.

My question to America: Is the marketing and consumption of all-things Dupre "what we want?"

Leading media research analyst Neilsen//NetRatings, which tracks Internet traffic and trends reported a few years ago that more than 38 million people visited adult websites that year. America's obsession with sex is evidenced everywhere, including the proliferation of sexual performance enhancing drugs.

Will America be hooked on Dupre...and will she oblige?


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