Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bloggers Unite: Algeria and Christian Persecution

You still have a chance to visit the great work of bloggers in an effort called Bloggers Unite for Human Rights.
Bloggers Unite
Here is my contribution:

Algeria: Carry a Bible, Go to Jail

While many of the cultural battles centered on religion in the U.S. involve legal positioning on church and state issues, very real physical persecution of faith exists in many other parts of the world.

A few websites monitor and report on these atrocities, many of which go with little mention or unreported in the mainstream media. Two sites whose mission includes reporting on religious persecution are Compass Direct News and Persecution Blog

Here’s a recent example of persecution. This from Compass Direct News:

ALGIERS, Algeria, May 9 – An Algerian Christian detained five days for carrying a Bible and personal Bible study books was handed a 300-euro (US$460) fine and a one-year suspended prison sentence last week, an Algerian church leader said.