Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Elton John Dies in Rocketship...and Other Rockers

Top Ten Rock 'n' Roll Spam Headlines

I'll be honest...this is my junk blog...although in all "modesty" there's some nuggets in here on occasion. Speaking of which, I recently went searching for nuggets in the least likely of places: spam email subject headlines.

This spam headline in my email inbox at work not too long ago, Elton John Dies in Rocketship, had me laughing...and thinking: How much do those spam headline writers get paid?

Now, I know some of you will say "Ya, I get those, too! You know those erectile dysfunction spams and the like." Well, sure we all get those, but it is this rock 'n' roll play on stars, their song titles and lyrics that got me going.

So, around work we came up with some really good ones, like "John Mellencamp Crushed By Pink House," "Jon Bon Jovi Found Shot Through the Heart," "Bob Dylan Flattened By Rolling Stone," and "Otis Redding Found Floating Under Dock By the Bay."

My next step was to take this "assignment" to my buddies at BlogCatalog. We had lots of fun with it over there. Out of the more than 100 submissions, I decided to chose my picks for Top Ten. These are in no particular order and you'll see the winning BC member's blog name, linked up.

Without further adieu, here are the


Joe Walsh Shot By an Ordinary Average Guy

Making Love in an Elevator proves fatal for Aerosmith
Mattias Xpress

Big Shot Billy Joel arrested in Allentown with Uptown Girl

Jefferson Airplane Collides With Starship
The Electric Egg Cream

Billy Joel Goes to Extremes but Says He Didn't Start The Fire
Of Cabbages and Kings

Ozzy Osbourne Run Over by a Crazy Train
Tommy Buettner Blogging Sports

David Bowie Abducted by Life on Mars
Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely

James Taylor Flattened by Steamroller
Real World Connections

AC/DC Bus Crashes on Highway to Hell
Rob's Megaphone

Cat Stevens Run Over By Peace Train

Many thanks to all those who participated at BlogCatalog. There were many winners!


Wayne Sedlak said...

Sounds like the Onion to me... which...tho sometimes a bit over the top, is a stitch! These were well thought out! Loriph

GoodKingSolomon said...

Frank Zappa's Progeny, Dweezil & Moon-Unit, Exercise the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Their Names by Poisoning Themselves with Deadly Yellow Snow