Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eva Longoria Parker Helps Test Rule No. 5


Ever so shyly I place Eva Longoria Parker here, waiting for the accusations of sex ism, inappropriateness, and overall debauchery. I wince and go ahead, cut and paste, import and upload. After all, it's about hits...isn't it!?

Oh, I'll just blame it on some slightly tweaked conservative.

The Other McCain shares How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year

He writes:

Having promised an appropriate celebration of passing the 1-million-visitors Site Meter threshold Friday, I will do so by sharing the secret of my success.

After a quick read, I hastily focused on Rule No. 5. In part it says:

5. Christina Hendricks

Or Anne Hathaway or Natalie Portman or Sarah Palin bikini pics. Rule 5 actually combines four separate principles of blogospheric success:

A. Everybody loves a pretty girl -- It's not just guys who enjoy staring at pictures of hotties. If you've ever picked up Cosmo or Glamour, you realize that chicks enjoy looking at pretty girls, too. (NTTAWWT.) Maybe it's the vicious catty she-thinks-she's-all-that factor, or the schadenfreude of watching a human trainwreck like Britney Spears, but no one can argue that celebrity babes generate traffic. Over at Conservative Grapevine, the most popular links are always the bikini pictures. And try as I might to make "logical arguments" for tax cuts, wouldn't you rather watch Michelle Lee Muccio make those arguments?

Be sure to read B, C, D, and E as well as the rest of this worthwhile post. Seriously, there is some good stuff in well as having some fun with it!

Meanwhile, I have to go pray!

No. 5s Gone Wild!

Evangeline Lilly gives At the Point Of a Gun legitimate reason to do background research.

There's something about Danica Patrick for Badger Blog Alliance... enhanced or not enhanced!

Megan Fox has distracted American Power from the usual commentary and analysis on American politics, culture, and national identity, U.S. foreign policy and international relations, and the state of education - from a neoconservative perspective!

American Power must be testing Rule No. 5 again and again. Apparently, it's now a regular feature as evidenced by a visit from Paulina Porizkova... from a neoconservative perspective!


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