Saturday, January 16, 2010

Massachusetts to be emission-free Tuesday

State residents asked by officials to not drive their cars as part of a 'Stay At Home Tuesday' go-green event

In an effort to cut down on the effect automobile exhaust has on global warming, Massachusetts state officials have asked progressive-thinking residents throughout the state to stay at home Tuesday (Jan. 19, 2010).

Dubbed "Stay At Home Tuesday," liberally-minded people of the land are also asked to GO GREEN and wear something green that day, like a t-shirt or something, to emphasize the green jobs still promised to come when they return to work on Wednesday ... if their boss lets them.

In other news, next month's election for the Senate seat left by Ted Kennedy has really heated up even though the election is still one month away. Republican candidate Scott P. Brown said he hopes all Massachusetts liberals will take heed on Stay At Home Tuesday.

"This Tuesday is a chance to save the planet, give peace a chance, and make love -- not war by staying at home," Brown said. "I can not think of more change that I can believe in, than a day not to make any errands to anywhere for a full day."

Democratic candidate Martha M. Coakley said that although she is reluctant to tell an entire state not to drive anywhere on Tuesday, she says "that's the thing to do."

"We would not have had to have a Stay At Home Tuesday if it were not for George Bush," Coakley said. "But I encourage all my supporters to go green, stay at home, and remember that because of you there's a whole lot less carbon monoxide going into the air on Tuesday."

Coakley said that the election on Feb. 14 will prove to be a dandy. "Voting on Valentine's Day for me will be a sweetheart deal," she said.

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