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This Week's Top Scrooge - April 13, 2007

It's a Tie!
This Week’s Top Scrooge


Yes, I talked about forgiveness, if only briefly, when Don Imus became nearly everybody's favorite dumb-headed jock. And yes, he looked like the odds-on favorite for This Week's Top Scrooge.

But I could not shake a story that came out earlier this week about a Nebraska woman who was charged with neglect of a dependent person after leaving her husband unattended in a car outside a casino.

No, I could not forget it. The Imus turnover did gain huge national attention, but this one "little" story is just too Nebraska-winter cold to slough off.

I'm calling it a tie - one on the national level and one on the local - between the retirement-headed Imus and a 52-year-old Nebraska woman, who I will not name for this dishonor...but the AP story out of Council Bluffs, Iowa went like this:

The woman was charged Saturday after she was found gambling at the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs.

Police said she left her husband in the car and taped a sign to the window, which said “I have a disability. Do not be alarmed. I am resting. Please do not call security.”

Fairbanks’ husband cannot speak or care for himself, the police report said.

Officials estimate he had been left in the vehicle on the third floor of the parking garage for about an hour before he was discovered sleeping in the front passenger seat.

The temperature was about 28 degrees at the time, according to the National Weather Service.

An investigation revealed the same couple was involved in a similar incident on March 6.

Creepy stuff, huh?!

So, in distributing this tied dishonor...I still think their is room for forgiveness for both. Especially after being reminded by James Sterling in his opinion piece, Don Imus Needed Jesus: Receives Unforgiving Race Baiting Extortionist Spiel. It's the best thing I read all week...on that knuckle-headed jock.

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