Thursday, April 26, 2007

This Week's Top Scrooge - April 6, 2007


I reckon because of its perverted creativity and the threat that this could probably happen to just about anyone, This Week's Top Scrooge pinning goes to the instigator of an online hoax in which a women's home became up for grabs.

The Scrooge is yet to be identified.

A fake ad on craigslist offered everything in Laurie Raye's house for free. By the time she realized what was going on, the house had been stripped of its light fixtures, hot water heater — even the kitchen sink.

Even the front door and a vinyl window were pilfered, Raye said in an AP story.
Although investigators are still looking for the cyber Scrooge or Scrooges, the dishoner has been given for the first week of April 2007.


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