Friday, October 26, 2007

California's Lt. Governor Plays Political Arsonist in Firestorm

While fires were still scorching vast amounts of land and lives were still in the balace in Southern California, the state's Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi had time to politicize the relief effort and throw darts at President George Bush.

Lieutenant Governor Garamendi

This Week’s Top Scrooge - October 26, 2007


Garamendi also had time to appear on several news shows earlier this week to erroneously say that the war in Iraq was to blame for a limited amount of National Guard troops able to fight the fires in California.

Without missing a beat, he also said the president's visit to the disaster scene Thursday was a distraction.

In one interview the Democrat said, "OK, President Bush comes out, we'll be polite. But frankly, that's not the solution. How about sending our National Guard back from Iraq so that we have those people available here to help us?"

Savvy reporters were able to dispute Garamendi in a heartbeat with these facts from the Pentagon...

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