Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hanging Out Among Them on Halloween

California fires, terror, and Little Bo Peep
What will I be doing this evening? Going out among them! Them, you know the ones…them. The ones that…oh, my gosh…celebrate Halloween.

As I cruise town on the way to my church’s Harvest Festival to man the Jungle Jump bounce house as a volunteer, I will probably see a few revelers. Even at the community outreach event, which is expected to draw about 10,000 people, I’ll have a chance to gawk at the costumed.

Will I think that the guy who made himself look like he is carrying his own bloody, severed arm is ingenious? Probably not. Or that the kid dressed as a skeleton is oh, so, cute? Well, maybe, but I’ll still wonder what’s the fascination with dressing “spooky.”

There’s been a few open forums about Halloween in the blogosphere, including at TheScroogeReport. I’ve learned a lot. But it hasn’t been so much through the blogs that I’ve pondered, but on memories, including those of last week in California...

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