Saturday, March 21, 2009

Top 5 Bowlers Knocking Down Elitist Pinheads

The top five blog posts on Bowlergate. A look at the Barack Obama Special Olympics "joke" on Jay Leno that only elitists can appreciate!

In no particular order:

• Obama the Insensitive: Makes a Joke on Leno at the Expense of the Special Olympics — Sarah Palin and Maria Shriver Blasta Obama — Does America Have Separate Rules for Race, Class, Gender and Another for Disability (Mental or Physical)? - ButAsForMe

• MSNBC Dives To Cover For Obama With New 'Special Olympics' Theory - NewsBusters

• Obama’s “Special Olympics” joke: The teleprompter made him do it! - Michelle Malkin

• Special Olympian to Obama: Bring It - The Word O'Wheaton

• No, Mr. President, it is most certainly not like the Special Olympics - HillBuzz

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Pro said...

Thanks for the Honor.

- ButAsForMe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these -- while I am not a conservative, interesting conversation at ButAsForMe.

Funny (and somewhat bi-partisan) take on this blog as well: