Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Madman Holds Quasi-Militia Sign

CNN analyst suspects something sinister and dangerous amongst the tea party

Clueless CNN Analyst Afraid of 'Quasi-Militia' Movement

Jeffrey Tobin's headline at AC360 Blog:

Tea parties - political debate or diatribe?

He writes:

"The real mystery for me is whether this is just ordinary political grumbling, which is perfectly appropriate, or the start of something worse — a quasi-militia movement that could become sinister and dangerous."

My comment to Tobin:

I’ve got news for you: "quasi-militia" is already here. Those under that category just might be bolstered by a revolt of any kind. But to categorize the tea parties as such is just showing your ignorance. These are everyday people that want a voice…a loud one at that. They’ve discovered that Obama & Company are way too intrusive into their lives then they feel comfortable with. Remember the Bush "wire taps" that were such a fear mongering tool for liberals? Well, try on an Obama-style government that controls every facet of your life because they hold the purse strings, and are sticking their hands into your pocket. That’s fear you can believe in!

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